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Thursday, June 13, 2024

July, 2014 Archive

2014 Redesigned Vehicles To Watch wanted to report on the 2014 model year changes and upgrades to your favorite cars. These cars can be found at huge discounts right now as dealerships make room for their 2015 models which are arriving daily. Infiniti Q50 This brand new head turner in the Q line was derived from some of their […]

Automakers Aim to Sell 16 Million Vehicles in 2014

It was a slow start to the year with blistering cold temperatures slowing down the recovering auto sales of 2013. But the last few months have put automakers back on track with record May and June sales months in 2014. With over 1.4 million vehicles sold in June, they are setting their sights on selling […]

June Auto Sales Numbers Set Record Mark

Just under 17 million vehicles. 16.98 million, to be precise, says the Autodata Corporation. That is the number of vehicles sold in the United States in June of 2014, which is 1.2 percent better than the last June. With all of the General Motors and parts related recalls, most analysts felt June would be the […]