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Monday, June 26, 2017

Things are getting serious, people. It kind of feels like the world is splitting in half. One half travels with electric pickups designed for construction and maintenance fleets (like the Workhouse W-15), hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and car share companies. The other half, old-school muscular aggression. The pioneering mutant on the muscular and aggressive branch […]

We received news of Workhorse’s W-15 range-extended pickup truck last year but didn’t think much of it. We thought dropping gas prices would put the project on hold. We were sure the political climate would cancel the progression of the EV altogether but it didn’t. Seems the market is more concerned with saving money than […]

Outdoorsmen have particular needs. One of the questions we often face is what kind of vehicle it takes to satisfy those needs. From cargo space to convenience, there are concerns to think about. You probably know your needs. We’ll help you find the vehicle to serve them. Cars for Skiers Subaru Outback $25,645 MSRP 35.5 […]

Need to know how to tow? We’ll help you out. You’ll be ready to go after you read this page and purchase the equipment you need. We’ll also give you some towing tips so that you can make the most of your time. Equipment Your trailer probably comes with everything you need to get on […]

The Kia Niro is a hybrid SUV that appears rather mundane. However, the industry thinks it’s special. Just google “Kia Niro” and you’ll see a page full of praising headlines from all over the net. The Niro is one of two vehicles that might put Kia in contention with top value brands like Honda and […]

The new FE zero-emission fuel cell vehicle may be launched early 2018, says Hyundai. The Korean auto manufacturer has been planning to replace the Tucson fuel cell for years and this appears to the SUV to do it. Like all hydrogen-fueled vehicles, the FE runs on and emits water and does not produce any carbon […]