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Monday, July 25, 2016

Pickup trucks are, for the most part, very similar to each other. They have the same basic design. “SUV,” on the other hand, can refer to a broad range of vehicles. Some are similar to pickup trucks, by design, and have similar functionality, which is why drivers often ask themselves “which is a better fit?” [...]

photo by M93 When hybrid pickups were tested a few years back, nobody seemed to know about them. The Silverado 1500 hybrid and F-150 hybrid were taken out of production around 2013. It appears that, since then, manufacturers have focused on producing lighter-weight trucks instead of trucks with alternative fuel sources. But it feels like [...]

We don’t blame tall drivers for overlooking compact cars so much. Larger vehicles are just more comfortable. Once a driver has gotten used to a full-size car, it’s difficult to go back to a low-sitting compact. It feels a little bit like sitting in a go kart. But that feeling will subside with time. There [...]

We’ve all heard of cold weather packages with heated seats and headlight washers. Nobody ever mentions hot weather packages, though. That’s a shame because living in places like Miami can really wear out the A/C system, which depletes your fuel quickly. There are some vehicles that come with useful features for hot climates; although, they’re [...]

For a while, we thought the SUV was dying. The Ford Bronco, the Hummer, the Isuzu Rodeo and other favorites are history. The Jeep Cherokee and the Nissan Pathfinder have been remodeled to fit the needs of road drivers with occasional inclement weather to deal with. In other words, the crossover is king. But some [...]

Have you ever thought about buying a hybrid vehicle? Many of us have test driven them when we searched for a vehicle. But so many of us have questions about them. Will I be blindsided by maintenance costs? Will my mechanic be able to repair or maintain this car? Does he know how? We’ve all [...]