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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

June, 2017 Archive

Vehicles are Getting Harder to Afford. Here’s How to Stay Safe When You Get a Car Loan.

According to Automotive News, the prevalence of long-term loans (between 73 and 84 months) has risen from 11.7% to 33.8% since 2009. The reason is that drivers can’t make the larger payments required for shorter-term loans. The cost of the vehicle the average person can afford has decreased. In Washington DC, where drivers can afford […]

Colorado vs. Ridgeline: Which is Superior?

As these two pickups are two of the only remaining small (or smaller-feeling, at least) pickups on the market, the Colorado vs. Ridgeline debate is a regular one. This isn’t the same pickup with different logos slapped on for differentiation. Quite to the contrary, these are very different pickups, fundamentally. The Chevy Colorado is a […]

Dodge Took It to the Next Level with the Challenger SRT Demon

Things are getting serious, people. It kind of feels like the world is splitting in half. One half travels with electric pickups designed for construction and maintenance fleets (like the Workhouse W-15), hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and car share companies. The other half, old-school muscular aggression. The pioneering mutant on the muscular and aggressive branch […]