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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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Three Wheel “AutoCycle” May Be a Commuter’s Dream

Elio Motors is planning to release a vehicle that may change the future of commuting. It is a three wheel vehicle that’s not really a motorcycle and not really a car. It’s a “hybrid” that will get up to 84 MPG on the highway and has a sticker price of $68oo. This two passenger vehicle […]

The Expected Hybrid: Chevrolet Volt

The very first Chevy Volt was sold last Wednesday at Tom Bell Chevrolet after only 2 hours of being at the dealership. Many good reviews have been written in the past weeks about this hybrid model and its new improved technology. Jay Yerman, sales manager of Tom Bell Chevrolet said: “There’s no question it will […]

Are Newer Safety Features Better at Protecting Drivers?

Every year automobiles become more technology advanced. We would logically think that the more advanced the technology the safer the vehicle. Not so so, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Instead the IIHS discovered that the latest generation of frontal airbags do not protect belted drivers as well as your predecessors. Surprisingly they […]

An Industry 1st, Ford Unveils Inflatable Seat Belts

In a press release yesterday, Ford announced the 2011 Ford Explorer will be equipped with back seat belt-mounted air bags. According to Ford, they are the first carmaker to mass produce this safety feature. The inflatable belts are designed to protect children and the elderly who are at a higher risk for head and neck […]

Can America Once Again Lead the Automotive Industry?

Looking at the American automotive industry in recent years, it’s hard to believe that we once lead the world in mass producing quality automobiles. After last year’s near collapse, American auto manufactures are struggling to regain a foothold and many plant workers are still left jobless. However change could be around the corner. This Tuesday […]