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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Can America Once Again Lead the Automotive Industry?

Looking at the American automotive industry in recent years, it’s hard to believe that we once lead the world in mass producing quality automobiles. After last year’s near collapse, American auto manufactures are struggling to regain a foothold and many plant workers are still left jobless. However change could be around the corner.

This Tuesday Fisker announced it will purchase a closed GM assembly plant in Delaware, with plans to begin producing plug-in hybrid electric cars by 2012. The luxury automaker expects to create or support 5,000 new jobs, producing up to 100,000 vehicles per year.

CEO Henrik Fisker described the production of hybrid electric vehicles as "the most dramatic change in the car industry ever." He is optimistic that America can once again become "a leader in advanced vehicle technology."

Fisker will use the Wilmington Delaware plant to build vehicles under Project NINA. Aiming to prove electric cars can be equal to or better than today’s gasoline powered models. If consumers embrace these new vehicles other automakers are sure to follow. With gasoline prices on the rise and increased environmental awareness we can only expect they will.