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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

September, 2011 Archive

Buying Advice 5: Lease or Buy a Car?

Need a car fast but do not have enough money for a down payment? Are you simply searching for a new car? Here are more tips that will help you decide if buying or leasing is right for you. Tip 1: Thinking about buying a used car? If leasing is not your preferred choice then […]

Buying Advice 4: Lease or Buy a Car?

Here is part four of the series about leasing or buying a car. Tip 1: Both leasing and buying will require you to make a down payment at the beginning of the term. In short, it is best to save a moderate amount of cash in order to make a sufficient down payment. Buying a […]

Buying Advice 3: Lease or Buy a Car?

Here is part three of the buying and leasing series. May the following tips provide you with some much needed information in order to help you decide if you should either buy or lease a car. Tip 1: Both buying and leasing will allow you to familiarize with the APR or interest rate. When buying […]

Buying Advice 2: Lease or Buy a Car?

Thinking about buying or leasing a brand new car? Here is part two of the series about the merits and demerits of buying and leasing a car: Tip 1: Want to constantly drive a brand new car without parting with a lot of cash? You can easily just choose your next car to lease and […]

Buying Advice 1: Lease or Buy a Car?

Here are true and honest tips that will help you decide on whether you should lease or buy a car: Tip 1: Assess your capability to pay. If you have ample amounts of cash for a down payment then buying is the better choice for you–considering that you really want to part with a significant […]