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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

July, 2017 Archive

How Does The Zipper Merge Work?

In many ways, America is still the wild west in terms of the way we drive. We’re just not as structured as other places. For example, Germans do not use the left lane of the highway unless they’re passing a vehicle. Don’t get caught holding up tracking in the left lane on German highways. It’s […]

AllCharge: The EV’s Big Break

Something big is about to happen to the auto industry. According to¬†Continental Corporation, a new technology will reduce EV charging times by 90% or more. That could bring it down to just a few minutes, about the same time it takes to fuel a car with gasoline! It’s a complicated piece of technology for just […]

Why Are Used Toyota Tacomas So Overpriced? Should I Buy One?

Oh….my goodness, guys. Are used Tacomas overpriced or what? This must be why everyone’s just buying new ones these days. They’re only a couple thousand dollars more expensive than those with 40,000 miles on them, according to¬†TruckYeah! Yes, they’re legendarily trustworthy but at a certain point they’re just too expensive. Many of you pickup shoppers […]

Bankrate: Pit Dealers Against Each Other to Save on Your Next New Car

Saving money is like staying healthy or finding a girlfriend/boyfriend. Everybody wants to do it but we don’t always know the best way to do it. When it comes to car shopping, we’ve advocated one technique for some time. Start a bidding war! Recently, Bankrate agreed with us, although they didn’t recommend the same process […]