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Monday, April 22, 2024

Automakers Aim to Sell 16 Million Vehicles in 2014

It was a slow start to the year with blistering cold temperatures slowing down the recovering auto sales of 2013. But the last few months have put automakers back on track with record May and June sales months in 2014. With over 1.4 million vehicles sold in June, they are setting their sights on selling over 16 million vehicles as an industry for the 2014 sales year.

Analysts project that the auto industry can reach their goals barring any unforeseen tragedies. If they can eclipse the 16 million vehicle mark, they would reach totals not seen since before the economic recession. That gives them hope for the future and also drives them to be even more competitive with their rebates and incentives to keep their great sales trend moving along. There are amazing deals to take advantage of if you know where to look. Get price quotes from to make sure you will get the lowest price on your next vehicle.