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Saturday, May 25, 2024

June Auto Sales Numbers Set Record Mark

Just under 17 million vehicles. 16.98 million, to be precise, says the Autodata Corporation. That is the number of vehicles sold in the United States in June of 2014, which is 1.2 percent better than the last June. With all of the General Motors and parts related recalls, most analysts felt June would be the month to end automakers hot sales streak. The speculators expected a decline of 3 percent, but the auto numbers pleasantly surprised them.

Chrysler led the way in percentage increase over last year with a nine percent gain. Nissan enjoyed a 5 percent gain and moved 109,643 units in July. Toyota stated a 3 percent gain and sold just over two hundred thousand vehicles at 201,714. Hyundai and Kia also gained 2 percent over last year, selling 118,051 vehicles in June. Ford, Honda, and Volkswagen reported sales declines over last June’s totals, but most are trending ahead of projections for the year.

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