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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

While February’s auto sales were lower than experts predicted, experts still believe that 2014 will be a good year for the industry. If 2014 does indeed go better than 2013, this will the second time since WWII in which carmakers experience five years of growth in a row. American automakers take the top spots on [...]

Don’t negotiate around the monthly payment. When you haggle the monthly payment amount, the salesperson has too much room to manipulate the numbers giving the dealership an advantage. This is especially true if you have a trade-in or are financing the car through the dealer. Settle the final new-car price before you discuss the trade-in [...]

Cash-back offers are abundant in the new car market in 2014. We have found the 10 best cash-back incentives currently available based on the percentage of the vehicle’s MSRP. These deals are subject to vehicle availability and local dealerships’ incentives packages. Use to check with several dealers in your area to get a true [...]

Average fuel economy for new cars gets better each model year, and 2014 models are no exception. Plug-ins are the most fuel-efficient, with the equivalent of over 100 miles per gallon. However, pure electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf and hybrids such as the Chevy Volt comprise less than 1 percent of the 250 million [...]

Right now there are too many car buying deals to pass up, and if a trip to the car dealership is in your near future, here are some test drive tips to make sure you leave with the right car for you. Do Your Homework Don’t just show up at the lot to see what [...]

When shopping for new cars this January, you’ll find many auto deals that can help save you money. Many automakers are working hard to push sales early in 2014. Savvy shoppers can get low- to no-interest financing, rebates and more. These deals won’t last long, so visit BuyingAdvice.Com to see what dealers near you have [...]