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Monday, February 27, 2017

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Many drivers don’t have the patience or the desire to own and drive the same car for a decade. According to SubPrime, only about 12% of drivers do it. Some cars can’t last that long. Others don’t meet the driver’s needs for the entire decade. However, some seem to just work for long periods of […]

Walmart is a “big box” store known for low prices on everything from TVs to refried beans. The retail giant will offer one more thing soon; something big box stores like Target and Walmart don’t usually sell. Announcing a partnership with CarSaver, Walmart declared war on third party auto lead finders like TrueCar. If you’re […]

The auto market is highly susceptible to fluctuations from an endless number of factors, from the stock market to oil prices, even the weather. You could say that it’s even influenced by itself. When dealers introduce new options to the market, there are usually unintended effects. For example, the past three or four years have […]

You may have read a number of car buying tips by now. We bet you haven’t studied the recommended process of car buying from start to finish, though. It’s OK, you’ve found the information you need. Read this page to prepare for your car purchase the right way. Follow the steps of car buying. 1. […]

The new 2018 Odyssey’s specifications are here! Honda may have created the best kiddo transporter to date. Could this be your family’s next car? Infotainment 4G LTE WiFi CabinTalk allows the driver to speak to passengers through the second and third row speakers and integrated headphones. Efficient en-route parenting has never been easier. Connected Rear […]