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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The Most Fuel-Efficient New Cars of 2014

Average fuel economy for new cars gets better each model year, and 2014 models are no exception. Plug-ins are the most fuel-efficient, with the equivalent of over 100 miles per gallon. However, pure electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf and hybrids such as the Chevy Volt comprise less than 1 percent of the 250 million autos sold in America.

Fuel efficiency remains a selling point for car shoppers. Below is a list of the most fuel-efficient cars that aren’t pure plug-ins. It isn’t surprising that they are all hybrids, with the exception of the Mitsubishi Mirage. We’ve listed the 3-cylinder Mirage here for perspective.

Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE
MPG City/Hwy/cmb: 40/38/40
4 cylinder, 2.5-liter hybrid

Toyota Avalon Hybrid
MPG City/hwy/cmb: 40/39/40
4 cylinder, 2.5-liter hybrid

Mitsubishi Mirage
MPG City/hwy/cmb: 37/44/40
3-cylinder, 1.2-liter gas only

Lexus ES 300h
MPG City/hwy/cmb:40/39/40
4 cylinder, 2.5-liter hybrid

Toyota Camry Hybrid LE
MPG City/hwy/cmb:43/39/41
4 cylinder, 2.5-liter hybrid

Toyota Prius V
MPG City/hwy/cmb:44/40/42
4 cylinder, 1.8-liter hybrid

Lexus CT200h
MPG City/hwy/cmb:43/40/42
4 cylinder, 1.8-liter hybrid

Honda Insight
MPG City/hwy/cmb:41/44/42
4 cylinder, 1.3-liter hybrid

Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid
MPG City/hwy/cmb:42/48/45
4 cylinder, 1.4-liter hybrid

Lincoln MKZ Hybrid
MPG City/hwy/cmb:45/45/45
4 cylinder, 2.0-liter hybrid

Honda Accord Hybrid
MPG City/hwy/cmb:50/45/47
4 cylinder, 2.0-liter hybrid

Ford Fusion Hybrid
MPG City/hwy/cmb:47/47/47
4 cylinder, 2.0-liter hybrid

Toyota Prius 2
MPG City/hwy/cmb:51/48/50
4 cylinder, 1.8-liter hybrid

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