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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Subaru Deals: Local Forester Price and Incentives

The Subaru Forester is one of the best-selling vehicles in America today. It might be the best selling all-wheel drive vehicle ever because everyone knows Subaru must be considered whenever an AWD vehicle is needed. The reliability is second to none and the price is always reasonable, if not mind-bogglingly low.

Low APR Subaru Deals

Subaru continuously offers low-APR rates. 0% is usually reserved for buyers with excellent credit scores. If yours is below 700, it still might be good enough for a 0.99% rate or lower, which would be a nice compliment to your brand new Forester price. Whether you’re buying or leasing, Subaru offers affordable options all the time.

Demographic Subaru Deals

This type of incentive applies to demgraphic groups. Subaru provides from $500 to $3,000 in rebates and/or discounts to military, college grads, loyal customers and the handicapped. The discount you recieve depends on which demographics you belong to and the Subaru model you purchase. As the Forester is one of the more expensive Subaru models, you might receive a larger discount for it.

Low Lease Rates

We would be hard-pressed to find a better lease rate for an AWD vehicle than the Forester’s $209 rate. But Subaru lease rates are low all the way across the line. You have to have good credit to receive the lowest rates but if you don’t have that, your rate will probably still be quite low. It’s worth your time to get quotes and find out what it will be, exactly.

  • 2017 Legacy $159/month
  • 2018 Legacy $185/month
  • 2017 Outback $229/month
  • 2018 Outback $239/month
  • 2017 Forester $209/month
  • 2018 Forester $219/month
  • 2017 Impreza $149/month
  • 2018 Impreza $175/month
  • 2017 Crosstrek $189/month
  • 2018 Crosstrek $199/month
  • 2017 WRX $285/month
  • 2018 WRX $295/month
  • 2017 BRZ $325/month 

Forester Price

Don’t just take the MSRP and expect to pay that much for the Forester. In other words, the price you see all over the internet and in the Forester’s window at your local Subaru dealership is more than you should actually pay. How do you know what to offer? You could search various websites that offer the “market price” for the vehicle, but this will take deals that weren’t negotiated well into account. There will even be deals figured into this “market price” that weren’t negotiated at all, and where just too high-priced. If you take this route, know that proper negotiation should give you a better Forester price point.

Here’s what we recommend. Start by getting quotes from competing local dealers. You’ll find out who wants to make the deal the most and then you can negotiate further if you’d like. We’re not the only ones who prefer this strategy.


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