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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Ready for Christmas Hyundai Deals? Here They Are!

Hyundai’s going all out this holiday season. This company does not want to be outdone in the incentives arena, clearly. Here are some of Hyundai’s Christmas deals. These are not all of the deals you’ll find in your city, though. You can get dealer-specific offers by requesting free, no-obligation online quotes. You never know what kind of deals you’ll receive. No pressure. Just a suggestion.

Keep in mind, these Christmas Hyundai deals are available in addition to all the incentives Hyundai offers year-round. That means you might take upwards of $500 in addition to the deals below. Hyundai is also offering a discount for drivers with vehicle damage caused by some of the wildfires and hurricanes of recent years. That’s a kind gesture. Thanks, Hyundai.

Elantra GT Deals

2017 and 2016 Elantra GT’s are selling with big discounts this Christmas. For a 2016, you could take as much as $3,000 off. For 2017, up to $2,000 is possible. That’s really a nice discount for such an affordable, well-equipped sports car. The MSRP is only about $20K!

Elantra Deals

Want an Elantra but not the GT model? You can have a sizeable discount, too. The Elantra may be over $3,000 off in your city. In fact, there might be an even bigger discount somewhere nearby. You just have to get quotes to find out. 

If you’re interested in leasing the Elantra, you can have around $1,000 off. That should reduce your monthly payments a lot. It’s a generous discount considering your lease is basically about a third of the car’s value divided by the months of the lease term. This is a whopping reduction!

Santa Fe Deals

The Hyundai Santa Fe might be the most underrated SUV/crossover on the market. With a peppy V6 and the best warranty available (you won’t need it, most likely), the Santa Fe should be a top-seller. But it’s not, which is why you can get big discounts for buying it.

Start with a $1,000 discount, which everyone gets this holiday season. You can apply it along with other incentives, such as $750 off for current Hyundai owners and $400 off for recent college graduates. But remember, any particular dealer can offer their own incentives, separate from the national incentives you see in TV commercials. Make sure you get quotes to find out what’s on offer near you.

Want to lease the Santa Fe? You’ll get $2,000 off the sale price of the vehicle, which will reduce your payments quite a bit. 

What’s the Next Step?

No matter which vehicle you want, the simplest and most time-saving way to shop is to get online quotes. You’ll have all the information you need without going to the dealership, waiting in line and dealing with salespeople. Most importantly, you’ll know exactly which Christmas Hyundai deals each dealer is offering. You can choose to accept an offer or negotiate a better deal. Having multiple quotes will increase your negotiating leverage. Just ask a dealer to beat one of the better quotes you have. It’s pretty simple.

Ready to get started? Click here to get your free, no-obligation, local quotes.