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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Learning How to Negotiate with Dealers

Car buying can be very complicated, and for many shoppers it is unpleasant. New cars come with assured depreciation, except in very rare of situations. On top of that, loans on cars are structured so that you pay mostly interest at the beginning (the bank gets their money first).

Naturally it’s intimidating, but you can do it! The secret is understanding where the dealer’s profit comes from and realizing when it’s time to forget about all that and shop as you would for a good deal on any purchase.

Though the process can be a challenge, buying a new car shouldn’t be thought of as a battle between buyer and seller. In fact, it’s a business negotiation. Done right, both the buyer and seller should benefit.

As you begin to research your new car, remember that getting the best possible deal requires a good amount of preparation and time. It’s possible that you may need to do a cost-benefit analysis, to determine if the use of your time outweighs the difference between the invoice price and sticker price or MSRP.

Determine what vehicle you want to buy

Compare vehicles in the class you are interested in (minivans, passenger cars, SUVs, etc.). BuyingAdvice.Com has resources to provide you with free quotes and information from dealers. Knowing what each model has to offer, as well as its sticker and invoice prices, is the first step toward getting the best deal.

Focus on financing

Once you’ve narrowed your vehicle options, focus on each car’s financing specifics. Check out current rebate and financing offers. Consider which vehicles retain the most and least value.

Find cars for sale near you

Once you’re ready to start shopping, search dealer inventory on BuyingAdvice.Com to get FREE quotes from competing dealers in your area.