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Saturday, May 25, 2024

How to Correctly Apply Polish and Wax – Should You Wax or Polish Your Car? Part 2

In the last post about polishes and waxes, we discussed whether you should wax or polish your car.

There is a difference between polish and wax. The purpose of these blog posts is to educate you on how to differentiate waxes from polishes, and what you should use for your car. As a simple recap, you should use pure polish if the surface of your finish is rough, dull, and faded. If you do this before applying pure carnauba wax, your paint finish will be smooth, glossy, and well-protected against the harmful elements of nature.

We will now talk about the correct way on how to apply polish and wax.

Step 1: Always wash your car before applying wax or polish. Use mild soap or an aftermarket car shampoo to rinse off excess dirt, dust, and debris on your paint. Remember to rinse the surface with plenty of water, and you should dry the surface thoroughly before proceeding.

Step 2: Avoid working under the hot sun. The paint surface should be cool to the touch. The heat from the paint surface might affect the chemical composition of the product, and it might produce some ugly results such as staining, fading, and uneven patches on the paint. Park the car in the shade before applying wax or polish.

Step 3: Depending on the product that you are going to use, you can either apply by hand or use an orbital polisher. The trick is to buy the right product for the right intended action. Read the label of the product carefully, and determine if the product can be safely applied by hand. Remember that there are some products that are only intended to be used by professional paint detailers.

Step 4: Less is actually more. Use the product sparingly. If you prefer paste over liquid wax, you should use a foam applicator pad. If you are using liquid-type wax or polish, you can either use an applicator pad or a small terry cloth towel to apply the product to the finish.

Step 5: Let dry. Let the wax or the polish set for at least 10 minutes before removing the excess product from the paint. There are some products that will need to be removed immediately upon application, so it is best to read the label for proper drying procedures. For best results, you should use a clean terry cloth towel to remove excess wax and polish.

We will wrap up this series in the next post, including some helpful tips on when to polish or wax your finish.