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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Here are a Few Car Cleaning Tips for the Summer

Here are helpful car cleaning tips that will make your car stand out this summer! It does not matter if you have a new or old car. Using the right car cleaning products is essential, and a little elbow grease wouldn’t hurt, either.

Tip 1: Wash, polish, and wax the finish at the start and at the end of summer. Of course, experts strongly advise that you wax your car at least once a week to maintain a smooth finish, but who has the time to do such a thing?

Regular waxing and polishing is essential because it will maintain and protect your car’s finish. Do you have a car lease? You should do your best to preserve the integrity of the paint in order to avoid paying for unnecessary wear and tear.

Tip 2: Do it right. First, it is foolish to wash your car under the hot baking sun. Next, you should wait for the surfaces to cool down before washing the vehicle. That’s why it is best to wash the car in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Wet the car using a hose and remove all excess dust, dirt, and debris on the surface. Next, use a mild car shampoo and mix it with proper amounts of water to produce a foamy consistency. Use a car wash sponge to apply the soapy water all over the vehicle. Wash the roof, the hood, and the trunk BEFORE washing the sides of the vehicle. This will prevent scratches and swirl marks that are most readily seen on dark paint jobs (black, dark blue, etc.).

Tip 3: Dry the vehicle thoroughly using a terry cloth towel or a chamois cloth. Wait at least 15 to 30 minutes before applying wax or polish.

Tip 4: Wax and polish are two different things. Polishes are used to remove dull surface stains and mild scratches on the finish. Wax acts as a sealant that will provide a strong barrier on top of the paint finish, protecting it from environmental hazards such as extreme temperatures, acid rain, and road salts.

If your car is new, it is best to apply polish. On older cars, or those with dull or faded finishes, it is best to clean the surface using a mild polish before applying pure wax.

More summer car cleaning tips to come in the next post!

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