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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Electric & Hybrid Cars at the Detroit Auto Show

This year, at the North American International Auto Show, nearly every car maker is making it’s presence known on the electric/hybrid front. Here’s a quick look at what may be on the market in the coming years.

Toyota responds to consumers demands for a cheaper and smaller hybrid with the FT-CH concept. A "dedicated hybrid" (a model that does have a standard gasoline sibling), the FT-CH should be available on the market within the next two years. Nearly two feet shorter than the Prius the FT-CH will be the first of eight hybrids Toyota plans to release over the next few years.

Though the Tango has been around a few years now, many may not yet be aware of this super compact. A two seater build by Commuter Cars, the Tango is just over 3 feet wide and reportedly goes from 0-60 in under 4 seconds with a max speed of 130 mph. Car buyers looking to go small won’t find much smaller.

GMC surprised show goers with the Granitecrossover or "urban utility vehicle" concept. A brand known for trucks and SUVs, GMC has taken a step outside the box aiming to redefine the brand for a new generation of customers. With the tough look of a GMC in a compressed package, they just might do that.

Chinese car maker, BYD had originally intended to introduce a fully electric vehicle in the US in 2011. Due to its success in China BYD now plans to introduce the e6 EV in the US this year. Due to the company’s background in battery development the e6 EV has a low-cost, high-energy battery with a range of 205 miles between charges.

Those are just a few of the many. Whether the concepts will hold on to their design by the time they reach the showroom, or the new comers receive buyer interest they need, is yet to be seen. If something from this year’s Detroit Auto Show has caught your attention please share.