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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Can Hybrid Cars Really Save You Money?

Low emissions are great, but many new hybrids are so pricey it will take years for you to break even at the pump. A recent San Francisco Chronicle article reviews seven hybrid vehicles to see which will pay for itself in fuel savings the soonest. The results are surprising.

Hybrid electric technology is rapidly advancing. The majority of the vehicles reviewed will be outdated dinosaurs by the time you break even on fuel savings.

The winner? The Ford Fusion Hybrid. Expect to break even on expenses after about five and a half years of ownership.

The losers? The Nissan Altima Hybrid won’t pay for itself at the pump for over two decades. The darling of the hybrid industry, the Toyota Prius, 20 years as well. The Honda Civic Hybrid and Insight, about 17 years.