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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

10 Tips That Can Save You Thousands on a New Car

Here are ten simple tips that can save you thousands on a new car or truck. Find the right car at the lowest price, and then pay even less!
  1. Take your time, think through your options before buying.
  2. Learn the true price of every car you are interested in, factory invoice and MSRP.
  3. Look for low interesting financing deals. If you have good credit you’re likely to be able to find APR as low as 0%.
  4. Buy during manufacturer “sales events”. Rebates and incentives have resulted in $5,000+ discounts on new vehicles in the past year.
  5. Test drive multiple makes and models. Sometimes there is very little difference in quality between brands, while prices vary greatly.
  6. Carefully consider you’re lifestyle, needs, and budget before buying. Using these as guides will enable you to select the right car.
  7. Work with recommended local dealers, check reviews online and ask people you know.
  8. Negotiate with multiple dealers to find the best offer in your area.
  9. Maintain control throughout the negotiating process. Remember, it’s your money, you get to choose how to spend it.
  10. Ask questions. Don’t worry about looking stupid, the dumbest thing a new car buyer can do is make a decision without complete information.