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Sunday, April 21, 2024

10 Foolproof Tips for Safe Winter Driving

Driving in winter weather can get the best of even the most experienced drivers. Slippery roads, deep snow and poor visibility require well thought, patient driving. Here are a few simple tips:
  1. In an extreme storm don’t drive unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  2. Wait until the snow plows and sanding trucks have had time to work.
  3. Decrease your speed and allow at least 3 car lengths between the car in front of you.
  4. Brake gently, you will loose control if your wheels lock up.
  5. Down shift to control your speed instead of breaking.
  6. If stuck rock gently back and forth, don’t spin your wheels.
  7. Keep warm clothes in your vehicle throughout the winter in case of emergency.
  8. If stranded in a remote area, do not leave your car unless you know where you are. Your vehicle will protect you from the elements.
  9. Always keep your gas tank at least 1/2 full, you never know when you’ll need extra gas.
  10. Pack a “survival” kit should you be stranded and always be sure you have a shovel, anti-freeze, jumper cables and other emergency equipment.
If you have any winter driving tips, please share in the comments.