Wear Your Seat Belt and Invest in Safety Features Next Time You Buy a Car

Seatbelts increase your chances of surviving an accident by 45%, says the NHTSA. In spite of this, tens of thousands of vehicle occupants die in car accidents while not wearing a belt each year.

Scientifically speaking, a seat belt stops your inertia. What this means is that, if a car is going 80 miles per hour and stops abruptly, a seat belt will keep you from hitting the windshield of the car at 80 miles per hour.

Research shows that in spite of new car technologies and protection gear, seat belts are still the number one safety device. However, driving a safer care can certainly save your life as well. Here are the top-rated vehicles in terms of safety.

Toyota Avalon

It was already an IIHS top safety pick last year. Now it’s a “top pick plus” due to the addition of automatic breaking and collision avoidance technology. It’s also stylish, quick and efficient. This is a great car.

Toyota Rav4

The 2016 Rav4 doesn’t look like a vehicle that’s supposed to be extremely safe, but it is one. Like the Avalon, it was rated “top safety pick plus” by IIHS and comes with automatic breaking. The Rav4 is available in all-wheel drive!

Toyota’s having a big year for safety awards, but it’s not the only safe make out there. Check out the list of IIHS top picks and then get quotes for the cars you like. We provide the easiest way to shop and get great deals on vehicles, from your living room. Click here to get started.

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