How To Get The Best Trade In Value: 1 Tip

When you are purchasing a new car and decide to trade your old one in, the dealer offers you a price. This amount will probably be less than you’d get if you sold your car to a private party because the dealer must account for certain costs (inspections, reconditioning, etc.). How do you know you’re getting a fair offer for your trade-in?

There’s one thing that’s most important. Here it is..

Get lots of offers!

Get Offers from Individuals

You don’t have to actually trade you car for another one. It can be sold and the money can be put towards a new car. This means you can get offers from any number of potential buyers. Post your car on and find out what happens.

Get Offers from Dealerships

It might be difficult to break free from a salesperson in order to go to another one but it is your right. Get offers from as many dealers as you can…because you can! Be firm and don’t be persuaded to stick with one salesperson.

That being said…

There is a tool that can give you an idea of what your should be able to receive for your trade-in vehicle. It’s KBB’s valuation tool. Using it, you can easily get an idea of what your car is worth. However, the offers you get might be slightly different. Good luck!

When you need quotes for the cars you like, get them online. It’s easy that way. Click here for convenient quotes from local dealers.

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