How to Sell Your Car Online

Selling your car online is very simple and inexpensive. Thanks to the increasing number of shoppers on the Internet, you can now post a simple ad and have more than 8 million potential buyers see it in a matter of days. All you need to do is put together a little information, take a couple of pictures and you’re on your way to a most pleasant and profitable car-selling experience.

Let’s start with the basics:

Setting the price – Research the current market value for your make and model. Take into account the car’s condition and establish a flexible asking price. Remember that overpricing may scare people away but it’s okay to start with a few hundred bucks more than what you are willing to accept, since it is probable potential buyers will want to negotiate.

Basic information you should include in your ad – Make, model, year, condition, mileage, price and your contact information. Mention any other important add-ons, such as On Star or safety features. Pictures speak louder than words, so be sure to include at least one. You’ll need to clean, vacuum and wax your car so you can take eye-catching digital pictures to post on the web.

Placing the ad – There are many electronic newspaper classifieds and websites dedicated to selling used cars out there. Depending on the site and number of days you want to run it, posting an ad can be free or cost up to $65. Most websites are so confident you’ll sell your car that they are even willing to give you a money-back guarantee if your car doesn’t sell in a certain period of time.

Responding – Once the phone calls or e-mails start coming in, be ready to show your car. Have all your maintenance records ready and organized. Clean and wash the car one more time and ride along on test drives to answer any questions.

Avoid Scammers – Never deliver the car unless you have the money in your possession. Online scams can be easily avoided just by being precautious.

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