Sell Your Car for the Most Money Possible

It was a nice relationship while it lasted but it couldn’t go on forever. Now it’s time to sell your car and move on to the next one. To get the most money out of your car you’re probably going to have to sell it yourself, but don’t worry, it’s not that complicated. Simply start by doing some research.

Step 1: Decide on the Asking Price

To decide your asking price, check the local paper for cars with similar characteristics and get a valuation at Remember to adjust your car’s specific condition and mileage. Your asking price can be higher than typical prices in your area. If you have all of your maintenance receipts, for example, that’s something you can charge a premium for.

Step 2: Get a Checkup

A visit to your repair shop is also in order. If there are problems, you’ll have to assess if they’re worth fixing. Have you mechanic sign a report detailing any repairs done, any problems left unrepaired or information indicating that everything’s A-OK.

Step 3: Clean and Wash the Vehicle

Wash, wax and clean your car thoroughly, including the interior, wheels, tires and trunk space. Make sure all doors, lights and surfaces are in good shape. Consider having scatches and dents removed.

Step 4: Put it On the Market

When the car is looking its best, all it needs is a “For Sale” sign. There are many ways to advertise your car. Newspapers, word of mouth, websites like and signs are all possible. Whatever approach you choose, remember that wording is key. For example, if you state your price and then say “or best offer,” (OBO) buyers will know you’re desperate to sell your car and will take less money for it. On the other hand “asking price” says you know how much your car’s worth but are willing to negotiate.

After you’ve gotten rid of that old car, get quotes for your next one. The most convenient way to do that is to get them online. That’s right, you can request quotes from any local dealers online, here at Click here to request your free quotes.

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