Auto Insurance Myths and Truths: How to Get Inexpensive Car Insurance

Insurance rates, as a whole, are based on three key elements: your driving record, choice of car and location. However, there are additional facts you should know if you’re committed to finding cheap auto insurance. The BuyingAdvice team put together a list of facts and fiction to test your auto insurance knowledge.

1. Myth: Cheaper cars cost less to insure.

Although it is true that more expensive cars come with higher rates because they are more expensive to replace, cheaper cars tend to be less safe and pose a bigger financial risk. The more safety features you add to a new car (which also raises its price), the lower your insurance rates.

2. Myth: Buying different types of insurance from the same car insurance company saves you money.

Although it may be true in some cases, it usually doesn’t give you cheap auto insurance by default. Sometimes brokers may be able to get you better deals from competing companies.

3. Myth: Red cars are more expensive to insure.

Insurance companies don’t ask what the color of your car is when giving you a quote and your VIN doesn’t give that information. Color doesn’t factor in at all.

4. Truth: Residents of big cities pay more for car insurance.

In bigger cities, there is a great risk of car theft. Driving conditions and the number of drivers around also affects your premiums. The most expensive cities to purchase auto insurance in are New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami, New Jersey and Massachusetts. You may not be able to register your car somewhere safe, but doing so will decrease your rate.

5. Half Truth: Speeding tickets affect my rate.

If you’ve only had one ticket in your entire life or if it’s been more than ten years, then, as far as the insurance company is concerned, it’s long forgotten. You’re entitled to one mistake. However, if you get pulled over for speeding more than twice, insurers will start paying attention and your rate will be adjusted.

Now that you know the truth about car insurance rates, you can make an informed decision on what car to buy and how it will affect your insurance rates. Click here to get quotes delivered to you from your local auto dealerships. It’s a free service from the team. Get started by filling out our secure form.

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