Discover The Best GPS Car Navigation System For You

One of the most desired multimedia-related features among new vehicle buyers is a GPS car navigation system. If you are buying a new car, there are four types of navigation systems you can choose from:

Built-In GPS

This is a GPS system that is built into the vehicle and can’t be removed without taking things apart. It’s integrated into the dash and the entertainment system. These are usually designed by the auto manufacturer and aren’t particularly easy to use. Some applications don’t use video, but instead play instructions over the audio system. Some even allow the driver to speak to an operator who will help with directions using the GPS. An example is OnStar.

Mapping Handheld Receiver

It displays maps uploaded from a PC to the GPS receiver. It’s cheaper than the previous option but has fewer features. Garmin and TomTom make lots of different models in this category. Usually they come with little suction cup gadgets that mount on your car’s windshield.

GPS for Smart Phone or PDA

These are extremely popular since smart phones all come with GPS these days. There are new technologies that allow you to easily project your phone’s navigation apps onto your car’s touch screen and play the navigation audio through the car’s sound system. Examples are Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This technology could make the other options on this page obsolete. Many manufacturers make cars that are compatible with either CarPlay or Android Auto.

Laptop GPS

The GPS receiver is connected to a laptop by a cable. It’s one of the cheapest options but may be more difficult to troubleshoot. It’s nearly obsolete due to the ubiquitousness of smart phones. But if you want a laptop in your car, it might be the option for you.

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