The Cool Car Gadgets You Need

Automobile technology has advanced leaps and bounds in the past decade. We’ve gone from cars with a few safety features, such as anti-lock breaks, to cars that almost drive themselves while connecting you wirelessly to their infotainment systems. Here are the latest developments that everyone can make use of.

Automatic Breaking and “Autopilot”

Manufacturers like Toyota want to include automatic breaking in every car by next year. It’s such a good safety feature. Everyone benefits from it, which makes it a great marketing point.

Essentially, automatic breaking senses when you’re moving towards something too fast. Let’s say you haven’t noticed the truck in front of you is slowing down. You’re still going full speed. The car will notice the rapidly decreasing distance between your vehicle and the truck and will apply the breaks in order to avoid a collision.

“Autopilot” is a term that’s already being used to describe a technology that’s similar to automatic breaking. Instead of sensing only obstacles ahead of the vehicle, though, it senses things that may hit the sides. If a truck swerves towards you, autopilot will move the vehicle away. It will detect the lines on the road in order to stay in bounds. This line-reading technology is what makes this technology the precursor to truly auto-piloted vehicles. A cool car gadget, indeed!

Smartphone-Infotainment Integration (Android Auto and Apple Carplay)

Enough with the confusing information and entertainment menus auto manufacturers put into their vehicles. They’re just not good. Some are better than others, but none rival the intuitiveness of our smart phones. Getting directions on an Android or Apple device is easier than getting them with any car’s stock software. That’s why Android Auto and Apple Carplay are must-haves.

Essentially, these technologies expand your phone’s capabilities onto your car’s touch screen and into the speakers. They haven’t fully integrated, meaning they don’t allow you to use your car’s screen as a duplicate phone screen. However, they do make navigation, calling, and finding music easier.

More Cool Car Gadgets

Head-Up Display: It turns your windshield into a screen, so you don’t have to look at your phone screen to get directions, make a call or open an app. You can see through the display, to the road, of course. It’s kind of like turning your car’s windshield into a fighter jet-style windshield.

Foot-activated doors: Touch the bottom of the car with your foot and the door opens. This is useful when your hands are full. In the future, we might see further automation. Your car might even welcome you inside!

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