Certified Pre-Owned Cars: Buying a Used Car Safely

Certified-Pre-Owned Cars have one key benefit. They eliminate the question “what if?”. CPO cars give car shoppers peace of mind by ensuring them they are not going to have any major problems in the near future. But what does a car have to go through to get that “certified” tag?

What Does it Mean?

CPOs are reconditioned used cars. They are late-model pre-owned vehicles. oftentimes, they’ve just been returned at the end of a lease. They go through a complete auto inspection and are usually certified by the manufacturer. They come with an attractive warranty, a seal of approval and peace of mind.

Any Other Benefits?

The key advantage to purchasing a CPO vehicle is that you can have an almost-new car in perfect condition, without suffering the severe depreciation of the first few years. You can also be sure the auto you purchase is in perfect shape because manufacturer inspections are very thorough. Any repairs or adjustments that need to be done will be fixed before you even see the car.

These refurbished vehicles come with a warranty and other appealing perks, such as financing and road-side assistance, just in case.

ome CPO programs even offer a money back guarantee, but keep in mind that benefits vary depending on the program and carmaker. Before you buy, check out your manufacturer’s CPO website to see what kind of inspection its vehicles go through and what additional services are offered.

Any Downsides?

In some cases, the car will not have been certified by the manufacturer but by the car dealership. It’s important to check who is certifying the car and what the certification process is for the car you’re interested in.

CPO cars are, of course, typically more expensive than other vehicles. You’ll have to decide if the assurance is worth the money.

The Bottom Line

There is one element that always plays a part in determining the goodness of a deal. It is the price. When you’re ready to gather and compare quotes, the easiest way to do it is by requesting them here. Visit the buyingadvice.com homepage to learn more. We offer loan and vehicle quotes from any dealers and banks, all delivered to your inbox. Click here to get started.

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