The Auto Inspection Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Must Pass

In the old days, cautious used car shoppers would take the car they were interested in to a mechanic for inspection before making a decision. Today, things are a lot easier. Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) car programs save you this step and guarantee you’re getting a used car in new-car shape.

In order to receive the “certified” label, warranty and manufacturer seal of approval, the cars must first pass a 75-300 point inspection including a thorough diagnostic test with an onboard computer, detailed check-up of the exterior and a rigorous road test. Although the specific items inspected by every manufacturer may vary, they should all cover the following key points.

  • VIN Inspection – The Vehicle Identification Number is a unique 17-character code assigned by the manufacturer for registration and identification purposes. It tells everything about the car: make, model, year, body style, engine size, etc. The VIN’s information must match the car you see.
  • Service Record – If scheduled servicing is due, the automaker will take care of it .
  • History Report – The dealer researches the car’s maintenance, title and accident history.
  • Road Testing – The best way to check how a car drives is to drive it! Carmakers test it under different conditions to examine engine start up and performance, abnormal noises, trip computer, vibration and cruise control.
  • Body Exterior – Beyond noticeable dents, a thorough examination will look for signs of an accident, like changes in paint color and traces of body work. They also verify that all doors, windows and wipers work.
  • Interior – Condition of seats, door trim, headliner and floor mats.
  • Safety Features – Condition of seatbelts, child locks and airbags.
  • Fuel and electrical systems.
  • Suspension, steering and brakes.
  • In addition, CPO vehicles must be between 4 and 7 years old and have 48,000 to 100,000 miles on them, depending on the model and program.

It may sound a little strict, but the reassurance you get with CPO vehicles is hard to beat. Ready to get quotes for CPO cars on lots near you? Get them online, right here at Click here.

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