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Saturday, May 25, 2024

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The Car Owner’s Simple Guide to Car Maintenance

It sure is fun to drive a new car, but are you aware of the things that you should check on a daily or weekly basis? It is true what they say about new cars: all that you basically need to do is get in the car and drive it. If you notice something different […]

How and When to Change the Engine Oil in your Car Part 2

We talked about the car engine oil and how you should change it in our previous post. We will now discuss the simple procedures on how to change the engine oil in your car. Before we proceed, you should refer to the owner’s manual of your car. The basic procedure is the same, but the […]

How and When to Change the Engine Oil in your Car

Are you aware of how often you should change the oil inside your engine? Do you know how to do it? Here is Buying Advice’s simple guide to help you know more about the oil change and how this will affect the performance of your car. What Does Engine Oil Do to the Engine? The […]

Here is the Best Way to Change a Flat Tire on Your Car

It is a common fact that a majority of car owners do not know the proper way to change a flat tire on a car. Read more to know the easy steps on the best way to change a flat tire on your car. You will need: Spare tire Tire wrench Jack Tire block Change […]

Buying Advice-New Car Maintenance Tips Part 2

Buying a new car is a serious investment. Besides the fact that you will still be paying for your new car in the next couple of years, taking care of your precious investment will help retain the resale value of your car. It is important that you pay attention to essential new car maintenance tips. […]

Buying Advice–New Car Maintenance Tips

Got a new car? Nice. Do you have any idea about new car maintenance? Most people believe that new cars need very little maintenance, compared to your old rust bucket. This is true. The simple concept of driving a brand new machine, with brand new parts bolted together, will definitely require less maintenance than your […]