How To Get The Best Car Trade In Value

Trade-in vehicles are often treated as mere discounts on the purchase of a new vehicle instead of goods with market values. Don’t lose focus during the negotiation process. You should make sure you receive a fair trade-in value. There’s no simple answer to the question “how do I get the best trade-in value?” but there are some considerations that will help you ensure the deal is fair.

Estimate the Vehicle’s Value

How do you know you’re not getting a bad offer? There’s one way to have an idea. Estimate you car’s value using Kelley Blue Book’s valuation tool. You can do even better by searching for listings of the same car in your local area, since a car’s value sometimes fluctuates from region to region. You can easily do that here at

Get More Offers

Plan to get offers for your trade-in from several parties. They can be dealerships or individuals. Try not to get too far into negotiations with a dealer before you get an offer for your trade-in. In other words, get offers for the trade in before you start negotiating the new car sale. When it’s time to postpone further talks, you’ll likely have to explicitly state that you’re not ready to move forward yet.

List your car on Autotrader, if you have the time. You don’t have to actually trade your vehicle, of course. You can sell it and put the money down towards the new vehicle. Just make sure you have transportation while you’re carless.

Be Straightforward

Be honest and transparent about your plans. If your visit to a dealership is only to get a trade-in offer, make that clear at the beginning of the visit. You should ask to negotiate the trade-in price and the purchase price of a new car separately. This will help you avoid confusion that always happens when many numbers are in the mix. Tell your salesperson any figures you’ve found in your research, such as the market value of your trade-in or a recent sale price of a new vehicle you’re interested in. State your offers and requests clearly. Don’t hide things.

A prerequisite to getting the best deal possible is getting quotes from multiple dealers. You can easily do so online. Get quotes from local dealers with just a few clicks. Start here.

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