Sarah’s Car Buying Secret: Negotiate One Thing At A Time

Salespeople will always ask a series of questions to find out how serious you are about buying. You can bet that one of the first questions will be: "What monthly car payment are you looking for?"

This is because the dealer wants to lump together the negotiation of your vehicle sale price, your trade-in offer, and your loan offer into one deal.

Sarah, an experienced BuyingAdvice Team member who has mystery shopped over 250 car dealerships across the US, wants you to know that if she could give only one tip to every car buyer it would be: "Keep the discussion of the sale price of the new car separate from the discussion about how you’ll pay it."

You can do this by explaining that you haven’t decided yet if you’ll finance through the dealership or if you’ll even trade-in your old car. Say that in order to make an informed decision, you’d like to keep the negotiations separate.

The dealer should give you, 3 independent price quotes: the final sale price of the car, the purchase offer for your old car if applicable and a financing loan offer. Once you negotiate these 3 variables, your monthly car payment will be quite evident.

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