Car Mechanic Info: Three Kinds to Choose From

Cars are man’s new best friend: they take you where you want to go, comfortably and reliably. They don’t need to be walked. They won’t ruin your sofa or eat your shoes… All they need is a little attention every few thousand miles. Consider the following car mechanic info, regarding your options, when choosing the right hands to work on your car:

Dealership – Although prices may be higher, maintenance by the dealership or a manufacturer-certified shop is your safest bet. Their expertise in a specific brand enables them to prevent, spot and fix problems more effectively. Also, if you’ve been a faithful costumer, the dealership may be willing to give you the benefit of a secret warranty if something major goes wrong after your regular coverage has expired.

The guy around the corner – It may be a matter of convenience, but if you do choose to trust an independent mechanic or shop, make sure to ask lots of questions and get references first. They often specialize in a specific brand. They may not have the latest technology, but prices are generally affordable. Routine maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotations, should be able to be done well at any shop. They are fairly simple and tend to be the same for every make and model.

Major chains – They are practical and often more affordable. Major chains are qualified for general repairs, but ask about more complicated situations for your specific brand because they may not have the required expertise or technology. In most cases, their repairs are backed by a satisfaction guarantee which is always good to have.

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