Learn A Surprising Fact About Shopping For Extended Warranties

Most manufacturer standard warranties last for 3 years, after that, you’re on your own. The irony of it is that in the first few years new cars hardly ever fail! It is after you hit the 3-year mark that problems begin.

The best way to protect yourself from costly repairs in the long run is purchasing an extended warranty. By definition, extended warranties are service contracts that cover certain repairs for an agreed upon period of time. They usually take care of all mechanical breakdowns, wear and tear failures, seals and gaskets, damage caused by overheating, and other unexpected repairs. Most of them also include roadside assistance.

Although an extended warranty can be purchased at any time, you save the most money if you buy it when the car is new. For example, take a look at online quotes from nationally accredited company Warranty Direct. If you compare a new car with an identical 3-year old vehicle (same make and model but with about 40,000 miles), you’ll discover that, although the newer car will be covered for more years and miles, its warranty will be substantially cheaper.

Part of the reason behind this price difference is that the older the car, the more likely it will fail. If you have coverage from the beginning, your contract guarantees that your car is looked after and in good shape.

You can buy an extended warranty from several sources, including the manufacturer, dealership or an independent warranty company. The BuyingAdvice team suggests you skip the middleman and go straight to an accredited warranty wholesaler like Warranty Direct. This way you’ll save money, have a comprehensive extended insurance package backed by a reliable company and increase the resale value of your car.

Although it is ultimately a matter of personal preference, if you like to play it safe and protect yourself from potential problems, an extended warranty is for you. If you need more information to decide, read Vehicle Extended Warranty To Buy Or Not To Buy.

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