Automatic vs. Manual Transmission: What’s Better for Me?

Since the 1950′s, automatic transmissions have been popular in the U.S. In fact, they account for 84% of cars sold in North America. Why is the U.S. so fond of the automatic? Doesn’t manual transmission have any advantages?

Go Manual

  • Sometimes it pays to have more control over gears. To give you more control in tough climate conditions or when negotiating a steep curve, manual is best.
  • Cost, cost, cost. The mileage on your automatic transmission car will drop 10% compared to manual transmissions. Automatic cars are known to consume more fuel. Also, they’ll probably be more expensive in the first place.
  • If your automatic breaks down, you’ll need jumper cables to restart the engine. You can jumpstart a manual vehicle by pushing it and putting it into gear.

Go Automatic

  • To have your left foot free and both hands on the wheel.
  • With new options like Manumatic transmissions, automatics may finally be gaining on manuals, combining ease of use with power.
  • If you’re not an experienced manual car driver and your area is full of steep hills, go auto. It’s hard to take off on the side of a hill.

Choosing a transmission is not as simple as “which transmission is better?”. You should take into account the make of the car and your situation. For example, if you’re buying an Audi mainly for performance reasons, you’ll probably want to stick to a manual and use that power. But if you’re a city commuter who doesn’t want to shift gears on the drive home, go with an automatic.

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