The Truth About Women And Car Buying.

Women buy more than 65% of all new vehicles and are a decisive influence in 93% of all vehicle purchases, according to Road And Travel Magazine’s market research. Safety, comfort, practicality and value are top priorities for women car buyers, experts say. Styling, design and performance are also important, but not necessarily more so than practicality.

According to R&T, their all-inclusive list of cars with the highest percentage of female primary drivers includes some of the smallest, least expensive cars available, such as the Honda Fit, Kia Spectra and Toyota Yaris. The Fit tops their list encompassing both luxury and non-luxury vehicles, with 80.46% driven primarily by women.

R&T noted though that when they looked only at luxury vehicles, it was clear that wealthy women focused on price more than do affluent men. Luxury vehicles with the highest percentage of female primary drivers are the most affordable premium models on the market.

Car makers are aware of this and are targeting women in their advertising and marketing campaigns. Women are now heavily involved in design of vehicles like the 2013 Dodge Dart, and Ford’s Marketing Manager for the Ford Fusion is a woman, with women holding engineering positions in the industry.

Women made up nearly 19.1% of automobile dealers and only 25.5% other motor vehicle dealers in 2010. CNW Marketing Research found that 47.3% of women car shoppers prefer female dealers, while 38.5% have no preference.

Despite the impressive car buying statistics and increasing role of women in the automotive industry, a study by the University of California’s Haas School of Business, the Yale School of Management and J.D. Powers and Associates found that female car buyers pay an average of 0.2% more on their cars.

A possible explanation is that women tended to research less and buy more. According to a Consumer Reports survey, 69% of women use a variety of sources to research before buying a car, compared to 86% of men. Women also seem to be a bit more hesitant about negotiating the price, with 68% of women talking numbers with the dealer, as opposed to 76% of men.

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