Future Car Technology: What’s In Store?

Your new car can already tell you if it needs the oil changed or if you’re too close to the car in front, it can help you park, give you directions, adjust temperature to your specific preferences, keep your kids entertained and run on electricity. So, what’s next? Automatic pilot? Well… you may not be too far off.

Have you seen the new Ford Focus? This revolutionary compact car has the option to be equipped with a sophisticated Active Park Assist System. This may not allow you to drive the car using autopilot, but it offers you the ability to park the car with just a touch of a button–even parallel parking.

Keep in mind that the Ford Focus is an affordable compact car. More expensive luxury cars boast of night vision technology, turning the instrument panel into a virtual screen that projects images clearly, even in total darkness.

There is just no telling what engineers and car designers will come up for the cars of tomorrow. Some say that future cars will gain the ability to become invisible, while others are saying that the automobile will become a virtual road companion, one that you can talk to through the use of AI or artificial intelligence.

Future cars will combine safety, navigation, communication, entertainment and fuel efficiency. Concept automobiles have already given us a glimpse of what’s in store, but many cool features and technology are still being developed by the brightest automotive minds.

The defense department sponsored a contest in which more than twenty robot cars raced through a 132-mile course without a driver. They relied on a combination of GPS, laser sensors and video imaging. What’s most impressive is that they didn’t need human intervention or remote control at all.

Other automakers like GM believe software will become an integral part of the vehicles. This shift is already happening with Onstar, which GM plans to include it in all its cars. The combination of this advanced technology and a design to match it could eliminate the need for certain service work.

Gasoline will be a thing of the past, replaced, more than likely, by hydrogen. The most plentiful and readily available element in the planet delivers superior fuel efficiency and no air pollution. Although Hydrogen-powered vehicles are now in existence (and are being tested on European public roads as we speak) it will still take countless hours of research and innovation to come up with a safe, dependable, and reliable Hydrogen system for the modern car.

All these capabilities will come with wireless connectivity, aerodynamic designs and intelligent technology. Now, if only they could fly…

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