The Ultimate Test for Electric Gas Hybrid Cars: Taxis in New York City.

Electric Gas Hybrid Cars have already proven to be reliable, fuel efficient and to have remarkable resale value. Now they’re facing a far greater challenge: as taxi cabs in New York City and San Francisco.

With taxi drivers’ gas bill rising to $50 dollars a day, as reported by The New York Times, desperate times call for fuel-efficient measures. The Big Apple’s answer was a fleet of Ford Escape Hybrids that on average saves $15 a day, that’s $450 a month!

NYC is one of the roughest tests a car can endure, especially if we’re talking about a taxi cab that runs 24/7, in traffic, and whose driver wants to get as many miles as possible in a single day.

Across the country, San Francisco’s hills and crowded streets are just as challenging, but the electric gas hybrid taxis seem to work out fine. According to the local TV station KTVU, owners of the hybrid taxi fleets say the investment is well worth it. The price difference between their Escape Hybrids and traditional Crown Victorias is compensated by $2,000 in environmental rebates and priceless free publicity. On top of that, his drivers report between $15 and $30 in gas savings per shift.

Introduced in 2005, San Francisco’s fleet is quickly approaching the 100,000-mile mark without any major problems. On top of gas savings, they report brakes are lasting twice as long and air conditioning cost on hot days is down to $5 a shift, says The Auto Channel.

Still having doubts on electric gas hybrid cars? The future of hybrid motoring is the lithium-ion battery pack. This type of battery pack holds more power (by weight) compared to conventional nickel-metal hydride battery packs found on most hybrid cars in the market today. This new type of battery pack will not extend the electric driving range of future hybrid cars, but this help to improve fuel economy and performance because they are relatively lighter and smaller compared to nickel batteries.

The next generation Ford Fusion is one of the first electric gas hybrid cars that will come equipped with a lithium ion battery pack. The 2012 Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid also comes with a lithium-ion battery pack, as well as the exclusive Fisker Karma luxury hybrid vehicle.

If electric gas hybrid vehicles were able to withstand the rudiments of daily abuse, playing the role of New York and San Francisco taxi cabs, then it is safe to assume that hybrid vehicles are more than able to keep up with all your daily driving needs. You can also choose a hybrid powered pickup truck or SUV if you want to experience versatility, capability, and fuel economy in a large, heavy-duty vehicle.

Electric and gas-powered hybrid vehicles may command a higher price tag than a normal car, but the fuel savings, clean emissions, and quiet ride are well worth the extra dollar. Things will only get better in the very near future.

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