5 Must Have Car Safety Features.

Sometimes following traffic laws and driving carefully just isn’t enough. When the worst happens, make sure your family is as safe as humanly possible adding car safety features.

Safety technology is so advanced these days that what used to be fatal accidents can result in nothing more than bumps and bruises. However, most of these features don’t come standard and can add up to thousands of dollars. Seatbelts and respecting speed limits are two obvious and very good ways to avoid car accidents, but if the budget is limited, we suggest you place these safety features in your priority list:

Crash test scores – Two entities rate car safety: IIHS and NHTSA. This valuable resource helps you make a better choice when buying a car and it pushes the industry as a whole to pursue higher safety standards. This tip doesn’t cost you a penny.

Advanced airbags – They’re a lot more than bags filled with air. In fact, the latest technology features sensors that consider seat position, height of the occupant and impact severity to determine how much to inflate. Side-impact airbags are designed to protect occupants from head injuries in case of side-impact crash and rollover. Knee airbags also protect the driver and front passenger in frontal collisions.

Rear parking sensors or camera – Backing up can be as easy and safe as moving forward. Rear parking sensors and cameras can warn and show you what’s behind. The feature is priceless when small children are around.

Stability Control – No more sliding, spinning or skidding. When you loose maneuverability of your car, electronic stability control takes over. Sensors in the vehicle can tell speed and the driver’s desired path based on steering, throttle and brake inputs in order to reduce the engine’s power, apply brakes to individual wheels and keep you in your course.

Tire pressure monitoring system – Under inflated tires are responsible for most accidents where tire failure was involved. This new system monitors tire pressure 24-7 and warns the driver when a tire is low.

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