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Reveal the True Car Manufacturer Invoice Price and Sales Commission On Any New Automobile.

Invoice Price vs. MSRP: The Pricing Breakdown of New Vehicles

Many drivers know what the MSRP is but don’t know how it’s different from the invoice price. Let’s discuss.

Invoice Prices

These are the prices the dealership pays for a vehicle or group of vehicles. A manufacturer, like Honda, sells cars to your local Honda dealer at this price, in other words.

The invoice price is usually the lowest price the dealership can sell the car for. However, in some cases they go lower just to get rid of inventory. Use it as a target price when buying or leasing.


We don’t recommend paying much attention to this figure. The MSRP is the price you see in the window of a new car, when it’s on the lot. It also appears on manufacturer’s websites, like It’s good for comparing one car to another and getting a general idea of how expensive they are, but that’s about all it’s good for. Don’t settle for this price when you’re negotiating. You can usually buy a vehicle for much lower.

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