2008 Chevrolet Colorado Review

2008 Chevrolet Colorado Review The Colorado is a midsize pickup truck that replaced the S10 in 2004. It offers an inexpensive option for those in the market for a light-duty truck. Other twin versions of the Colorado are available from GMC and Isuzu.

The BuyingAdvice Team Says:

The Chevrolet Colorado is a solid pick for those on a limited budget. In terms of safety and reliability, it outpaces just about every other domestic pickup on the market. This is the kind of truck that’s perfect to keep around for moving days, or to haul the occasional stack of lumber. But for everyday use, you’ll want to invest in something with a bit more power and interior comfort.

What’s New For 2008:

OnStar is now standard. Three new colors are available. Numerous options are available, including your choice of rear-wheel or four-wheel drive, regular, extended, or crew cab and three trims: Work Truck, LS and LT.

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What is the Predicted Reliability:

J.D. Power gives the Colorado 2 stars for mechanical quality and performance, and 3 stars for design. Problems with the Colorado include engine misfires, inoperative OnStar, inaccurate fuel gauges and weak pickup boxes. It’s had one major recall for inoperative brake lamps. Expect above average reliability. The basic warranty lasts for three years or 36,000 miles.

Analysis Of Safety Ratings And Features:

The Colorado earned 4 stars in government crash tests. In IIHS tests, it earned “Good” for the front and “Marginal” for the rear. Anti-lock brakes come standard. Side airbags and traction control are optional.

Pros and Cons:

+ Inexpensive
+ Solid handling
+ Standard ABS

- Weak performance
- Cheap interior materials
- Exterior lacks sleekness

Head-To-Head Competition:

The Dodge Dakota costs a few thousand more, but is a bit larger and more powerful. The Nissan Frontier at about the same price has 500 fewer pounds of payload capacity. The Ford Ranger has a smaller bed and is less powerful overall.

What Others Are Saying:

“But the Tacoma still beats the Colorado — and the rest of the competition when it comes to interior trappings. I was disappointed that the cabin of the Colorado looked like a cross between old-style GM and Tupperware.” – The Detroit News

“But then there is that other gap; the one between the Colorado and its competition. While the small[er] Chevy has antilock brakes, tire pressure monitoring and air bags aplenty, other small trucks are similarly appointed AND they respond better all the way around. Their center consoles click when you close them. Their gear selectors need only half the distance to effect a change. And they go when you want them to.”The Truth About Cars

“Anyone looking for a smaller truck that’s not cramped on the inside, but is still capable of handling a respectable load or pulling a lightweight trailer, should find the Colorado a good choice.”The New York Times

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