The BuyingAdvice Team & Contributing Journalists

Good advice is specific, deals with the facts and is based on experience.

The BuyingAdvice Team is a collaboration of investigative reporters and auto industry experts. We uncover the facts by conducting thorough research every day of the latest automotive trends, consumer news, scams and grievances.

Many our featured articles are based on the independent and unbiased surveys of customer satisfaction and buyer behavior.

Armed with years of personal and professional experience, our intention is to provide you with the same shrewd, unbiased advice we would give our own family and friends.

Here is a list of our premier contributing journalists:

Scott Doggett

Scott Doggett is a former autowriter for the Los Angeles Times. His popular Golden Oldies column for the Highway 1 section of the newspaper looked at celebrated model lines, such as the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Corvette, from the first model year to the current, with an emphasis on reliability, safety and value. To this day, Scott remains the only journalist to have covered automotive news in that manner for a major U.S. publication.

Jim Gorzelany

An experienced automotive journalist, Jim has driven thousands of new cars and trucks over the years on back roads, proving grounds and racetracks around the world, and has reported on the latest high-tech breakthroughs. Ready to pique the readers’ interest and satisfy their curiosity with everything from buyers’ guides to reviews and in-depth articles on the latest in rolling technology, Jim can inform, entertain and even save site users money on some of the largest purchases they’ll ever make. His feature articles are syndicated to major newspapers such as the Boston Globe and San Francisco Chronicle and is a regular contributor to

Jeff Bressler

Jeff Bressler is the News Director and Anchor for Motor Trend magazines Motor Trend Radio heard on over 110 stations across the country each Saturday and Sunday as well as on Sirius, XM and podcast on Motor Trend’s website. The program was awarded four International Automotive Media Awards in 2006. He also works with Auto World Radio, Area Auto Racing News and the Long Island Press.

James Henry

A prominent business writer for more than 10 years at the leading auto trade publication, Automotive News, James is an expert in the auto industry, especially the luxury-car segment. James has written many informative articles for Automotive News, AutoWeek and and was the corporate strategy & market research department manager for Mercedes-Benz, one of the world’s premier brands.

Simon Duffy

Simon Duffy has over twenty years experience as a print and broadcast journalist. He grew up working in the family auto business and has written widely on automotive topics. His articles have appeared in the Sunday Times of London, among many national and international newspapers. He has produced and directed television shows for broadcast on the BBC, ABC and networks around the world. He worked for for several years as a writer, international news editor and coordinating editor. Since settling in the United States, the British native also sold cars for several years and now shares the insights and insider knowledge gained from that experience with consumers through his journalism.

Trisha Anne Hessinger

Over her twenty-five year career, Trisha Anne Hessinger has been the host of three successful national automotive cable television programs. Her latest television venture “Enroute Television” is in production and will have Trisha review a new luxury automobile, “enroute” to luxury destinations around the world.

Trisha is also the North American Spokesperson on Automotive Care for Bridgestone Firestone, Retail and Commercial Inc., the world’s largest automotive car care and service company for whom she travels the United States as a spokesperson on automotive care.


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