How to Handle Aggressive Sales Tactics

Some car sales tactics can be very aggressive
Don’t be rushed or pressured into buying a vehicle
Only buy a vehicle for the original agreed upon price

New Car Dealers New car dealers train their sales people in various sales tactics, including some that are very aggressive. It can be an intimidating and unpleasant experience. Although there are many honest sales people out there, there are also some that will do or say anything to get you to pay top price. Here are some of the most common hard-sell tactics and how to handle them:

"You must make the deal today."
In this situation, the dealer quotes a price and tells the customer that the offer is only good for that day. This puts pressure on the buyer to make a quick decision without having time to research the price or get competing offers from other dealers. Chances are the same deal will still be available tomorrow, if not there, then at another dealership. You can turn the tables around by saying that you will only buy the car today if you get the exact price that you want, and make them your own low ball offer. Make it clear that you will not be rushed into buying the vehicle, even if it means losing the deal. Just be sure to do your research before you go to the dealer so your offer is reasonable.

"We’re losing money on this deal."
To convince the buyer of the great deal that is being made, the sales person might tell the buyer that the dealer is losing money on the deal. It’s very unlikely that a dealer would be losing money on selling a vehicle. This is sales tactic designed to appeal to your sympathy. Remember that you are the one giving up thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars of your own money to buy the vehicle. Be sure to remind the sales person of that.

"I need to put food on my table."
To make the buyer feel guilty, the sales person might tell you that he has to put food on his table. That the offer he’s making is so low, his family will practically starve if he goes any lower. This is extremely unlikely. For all you know, he’s making more money than you are. Remember, you’re the one unloading the cash, not the sales person. Just say, "I need to keep food on my table too."

"I’ve got another offer."
Sometimes a sales person will try to convince the buyer that the car they want is in such high demand, that they’d better buy it soon or risk losing the car. They may say that there are other interested buyers or that there is a production shortage. Although these claims may occasionally be true, it’s not worth rushing into a purchase. There are almost always other dealers that will have the same car or something close to it. Make it clear that you don’t mind the risk of losing the car.

"This is the only one like it."
If the vehicle you want is unique or hard to find, the dealer may try to tell you it’s the only one you will find, that you should buy it right now, before it’s gone. Chances are that there are not that many buyers wanting the same special model or unusual color that you want. In fact, you may be the only one who wants it.

"I’m throwing all this in for free."
A sales person may attempt to justify an inflated price by including lots of free extras such as pinstriping, undercoating, paint protectant, or pre-sale inspections. These items usually cost very little to begin with and aren’t worth the inflated price. If you don’t want the extra options, tell the dealer that you don’t need them or want them, you’d rather have the reduced price.

Last minute price increase.
Once a price has been agreed upon, occasionally the dealer will surprise the buyer with a last minute price increase or previously undisclosed fees and they usually have excuses ready. Don’t give in to this tactic, make it clear you will only purchase the vehicle for the original agreed upon price. You could also try countering with a last minute offer decrease.

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