How To Avoid Car Dealer Tricks And High Pressure Sales Tactics

A couple of weeks after you buy a car you’ll receive a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) survey from the manufacturer. However, if you’re informed and understand how it works ahead of time, you can benefit from it, get a better price, and avoid car dealer tricks and high pressure tactics before you sign the deal.

CSI surveys measure consumer satisfaction with a specific dealership. Every week, dealerships receive a CSI rating based on scores in 3 departments: sales, service and parts. At the end of the month these weekly scores are averaged to produce a monthly CSI rating.

The dealerships with the highest scores get first dibs on the best-selling cars. Those with lower ratings have to make do with less desirable cars, which is a pretty persuasive motivation to keep customers happy.

CSI is the best way to distinguish dealerships that strive for excellence in customer service from the ones that are still stuck in the Stone Age.

If you want to avoid car dealer tricks and high pressure sales tactics, ask the salesperson for the dealership’s CSI score. This will serve as a point of reference to you, but it will also let them know you’ll tell the manufacturer about any funny business and decrease their score. Once they realize you’re informed and willing to take action, you can be sure they’ll level with you and go out of their way to keep you happy.

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